Importance of Millets in a Diet

Over the past few years there has been a healthy food revolution. Especially, with the increasing health consciousness among people, there has been a rise in the demand of nutrient rich cereals and exotic berries. No wonder why millets have become popular among millennial for its umpteen health benefits

Millets are cereal crops and small seed grasses, which are widely used in African and Asian countries. Since ages, these small crops were used for human consumption as well as a fodder for animals. Majorly cultivated in the semiarid tropical regions of Africa and Asia, around 97 percent of world’s overall millet production happens in these regions.

Health benefits of millets

Since ages millets were commonly used to feed birds and animals, until the health benefits of these super foods were known to the world. However, in various parts of India, millets were used for a variety of dishes. Especially, for their incredible nutrient rich composition.

India is known as the diabetes capital of the world, due to bad eating habits. This has led to the surge in the demand of millets which are low in GI. Moreover, these gluten free millets can play a pivotal role in preventing and curing several health issues. Enriched with the goodness of nature, millets are a rich source of fiber, minerals like magnesium, phosphorous, iron, calcium, zinc and potassium.

Accommodating millets in your daily food routine can be benefitting in many ways.

High in nutrition:

Millets are a good source of nutrients such as copper, magnesium, phosphorus, and manganese. Which are excellent for maintaining a healthy life. A balanced diet full of nutritional properties will also help eradicate the risk of heart problems and other such life endangering diseases.

Low calorie count:

When trying to lose weight, millets are a viable choice to a healthy weight reduction, as their calorie count is very low. Even for the people who are calorie conscious and trying to eat in a manner that will help them maintain their energy levels throughout the day without constantly feeling famished.

Improves immunity:

Weaker immunity can and will be fatal. The weaker the immune system, the more you are inclined towards experiencing health issues time and again. This is due to the serious deficit of protein in the system. Adding millets to your diet on a regular basis will help your body gain back all the protein that your system was short on.

Satiates Hunger:

Many carbohydrates such as rice and wheat are easy to breakdown once consumed, leaving a person hungry within few hours of their meal. This makes people resort to unhealthy eateries to satiate their hunger. Millets have harder structures and does not breakdown easily in the digestive system, keeping you far enough away from unhealthy eating habits.

Reduces Sugar-levels:

Due to its low glycaemic index, millets are an ideal food to consume to pre-empt diabetes from ever occurring in non-diabetic people. It especially aids in keeping type-2 diabetes under control.

Aids heart problems:

Millets contain essential fats, just the right amount to give our body natural fat. This helps prevent excess fat from depositing over muscles which and avoid high cholesterol, heart strokes, and other heart related disease. Millets are the immediate best alternatives to replace with their unhealthy peers, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases by a good measure.

Millet is the only grains that contain all the vital nutrients. From proteins to minerals to vitamins, millets have it all. Millets helps you switch to a lifestyle that’s healthy and long lasting.

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